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Your guide to Bonnie Period Panties is here

A period panty is a panty that looks almost like any other, except that it discreetly integrates a menstrual protection, which allow you to go up to 10 hours without fear of leakage or odor. It is a reusable alternative to disposable menstrual products such as pads and tampons. They can be worn for all or part of your period, depending on your needs.

Our period panties are made from cotton  (all the parts in touch with your body). The multiple layers inside include microfiber and a waterproof material to absorb and trap menstrual fluid, keeping you feeling dry and comfortable throughout your period.

Period panties offer numerous benefits:
Leakproof protection: Say goodbye to leaks and stains!
Comfort and convenience: Feel fresh and confident throughout your day.
Sustainable and eco-friendly: Reduce waste compared to disposable products.
Cost-effective: Reusable panties save money in the long run as they can last several years with proper care.

We recommended using period panties for up to 10 hours. Our current models are safe to use for light to medium flow. If you are not familiar with period panties, you can first try to wear them for a few hours, or use them combined with tampons or pads. What most women do when first trying period panties is using them when at home to feel “safe” ! 

Our period panties are Made in Mauritius. We’re proud to support Mauritian artisans and manufacturers. This ensures ethical production and high-quality craftsmanship.

Upcycled fabrics are unwanted or discarded materials given a new life. We use high-quality, upcycled fabrics to create our period panties, reducing environmental impact. We source our fabrics from reputable suppliers and thoroughly inspect them before using them in our products. We carefully select the best quality cottons that are soft, breathable, gentle on sensitive skin that will provide you with the best comfort.

There are two ways to get your hands on our amazing period panties!

1. Order directly through us:

We’re currently setting up our online checkout, but in the meantime, you can order directly from us!

  • Reach out through your prefered communication channel : our contact form below, Instagram, Tiktok or Facebook.
  • Let us know your needs: Tell us the model, size, and color of the period panties you’d like.
  • We’ll get back to you promptly to confirm availability, arrange payment, and discuss shipping or pickup options. We offer delivery to your preferred location throughout Mauritius or pickup in Grand Baie for your convenience.

2. Stay tuned for partner shops:

  • We’re also excited to announce that our period panties will soon be available in selected partner shops across the island! We’ll unveil the list of stores very soon, so stay tuned!

Due to hygiene reasons, we generally don’t accept returns or exchanges on period panties. However, we understand that situations can arise, and we’re committed to your satisfaction. If you have any concerns with your panties, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our contact form below. We’ll be happy to review your situation and see if we can find a solution.

Caring for your panties is easy! We provide detailed washing instructions on our website in the dedicated section and on each product page. 

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