Who is behind Bonnie ?

We are Victoire and Mathilde. We decided to use our friendship to support causes that we care about, like women’s empowerment and sustainable development.

That is how we came up with the idea of creating a brand of menstrual underwear. But not just any underwear, we wanted to make upcycled underwear using leftover fabric from Mauritian factories. And the cherry on top is that they are made in Mauritius by local artisans (because this project would not make sense if it did not benefit the local community).

Do you think it is too ambitious? We do too! But what drives us and motivates us to work on this crazy project is the ambition of bringing you menstrual protection that will be so comfortable, absorbent that you will forget about years of pads and tampons.

Who is Bonnie ?

Bonnie is a bold, feminine, and courageous female character. Like Anne Bonny, the famous female pirate with a life of adventure, Bonnie Parker, the female icon of the mythical couple Bonnie & Clyde, or Captain Bonney from the manga One Piece who aims, like her male colleagues, for the highest spheres of piracy.

Our Bonnie embodies the woman of today, who aspires to be happy, is aware of her body and her femininity, and is not afraid to assert herself.    She is an inspiration to women everywhere who want to live their lives to the fullest.

Our values

Empowering women

We aim to encourage women to embrace their bodies and natural cycles. By providing comfortable and sustainable period solutions, we want to transform the way women perceive and experience menstruation in Mauritius. When promoting awareness, education, and support, we hope to create a more positive and inclusive environment for all women.

Low carbon impact

With Bonnie, we are committed to creating a brand with a low environmental impact. That’s why the majority of the fabric in our panties is made from scraps of fabric recovered from local textile factories. In addition, by manufacturing our products locally, we reduce the negative impact of transportation.

Made in Mauritius

The different panty designs were imagined in Mauritius. Our fabrics come from Mauritian factories. We use the scraps that they can no longer use because of minor defects or end of series. Finally, it is local workshops that work on cutting the fabrics, assembling and sewing our panties! We thus take advantage of the historical local know-how in lingerie.

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